AAA Judgment Directory Corp,

A Canadian Corporation

in the Province of Alberta

(HEREINAFTER CALLED “Judgment Directory” or “”)


The registered account holder on





  1. Judgment Directory is an independent contractor who has been contracted by The Client for the specific purpose of disseminating and/or improving visibility of one or more judgments rendered in a court of law and other related public information, namely an optional corporate search and/or writ of enforcement (HEREINAFTER CALLED “the listing” or “the judgment”).

  2. The listing shall remain in the sole ownership and responsibility of The Client. The Client can update and/or remove the listing at any time and must do so in a timely manner to reflect the accuracy of the listing.

  3. Changes requested by The Client must be done so using available tools on, or sent in writing to Judgment Directory.

  4. The Client is solely responsible to ensure all information in the listing and attached supplemental documentation the listing are obtained and used in a manner which is lawful, complete and accurate. The Client agrees to protect, indemnify and hold blameless Judgment Directory and it's agents and subcontractors in any legal matters that may arise, including, but not limited to, paying any legal costs incurred by Judgment Directory and its agents and subcontractors.

  5. Judgment Directory assumes no responsibility for any costs or losses incurred or suffered by The Client, its agents, subcontractors, clients or customers however arising through the use of

  6. Judgment Directory will inform The Client of removal requests regarding the listing, and may, in the sole judgment of Judgement Directory, remove the listing.

  7. This agreement is governed by the law in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

  8. Judgment Directory reserves the right to update this agreement, having given email notice to The Client with 48 hours.

  9. If a court of law finds any part of this agreement unenforceable, that part of the agreement shall be removed, and the remainder of the agreement interpreted as though that section did not exist.